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Vitality members to enjoy a weekend of double HealthyFood cash back at Woolworths, for making healthier choices

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Vitality members to enjoy a weekend of double HealthyFood cash back at Woolworths, for making healthier choices

For one weekend only – 30 to 31 March 2019 – all Vitality members (with the HealthyFood benefit) will get up to 50% cash back on HealthyFood items at Woolworths stores nationwide.

“Vitality is excited to be giving all our members around the country the means to double their HealthyFood cash back this weekend,” says Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Vitality Wellness. “Vitality has always focused on incentivising healthier behaviours, and with this campaign we’re making a bold statement about the vital role good nutrition plays in people’s health.”

“We know that the prevalence of lifestyle diseases is on the rise, and through this campaign, we want to bring greater awareness to these largely preventable and manageable diseases, as well as remind people of the many short- and long-term rewards of making healthier food choices.”

“We love working with Vitality,” adds Spencer Sonn, Managing Director of Woolworths Food. “Woolworths and Vitality share a goal in helping people to eat better. Through the power of our partnership, not only can we encourage better choices, but we can also work together to provide these one-of-a-kind campaigns. We look forward to welcoming Vitality members as they take advantage of this remarkable HealthyFood offer.”

To encourage members in the next step once they have purchased fresh, whole foods and other healthy ingredients, Vitality will also be promoting a series of recipes from the Vitality HealthyFood Studio, a teaching and dining kitchen that aims to equip people with practical cooking skills and ignite a love of healthy, appetising meals.

According to research by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, people who frequently cook at home are far likelier to eat healthier than those who cook less; consuming fewer kilojoules, more varied foods, adequate nutrients and less processed foods.

Nossel concludes, “We hope that this special offer serves as another catalyst for people to eat healthier and enjoy the rewards of a healthier lifestyle.”

Key facts about nutrition in South Africa

  • Poor nutrition is a key driver of noncommunicable diseases.
  • Half of South African adults are overweight or obese, and these rates are rising.
  • A rise in obesity rates comes with an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and premature death.
  • Discovery data shows that being obese increases healthcare costs by as much as R4 400 per person per year.
  • Research from Discovery’s Data Science Lab shows that the healthier Vitality members’ shopping baskets are, the lower their Body Mass Index (BMI) and healthcare costs.
  • Having a higher food purchasing score is associated with up to R2 500 lower health costs per year.
  • Those who purchase healthy foods have a 10% lower BMI compared to those who purchase unhealthy foods.

Find more detail here in the 2017 Vitality ObeCity Index.


Notes to editors

About the HealthyFood benefit

Discovery Vitality aims to make eating healthier easier with the HealthyFood benefit.

Members can get up to 25% cash back on a range of foods. These foods are selected to address high-risk dietary practices that are associated with non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Vitality members can activate the HealthyFood benefit to get cash back at HealthyFood partners, and can increase their cash back at their preferred partner by finding out their Vitality Age and doing a Vitality Health Check. Learn more about the benefit here.

About this special HealthyFood campaign

This up to 50% cash back campaign over the weekend of 30 and 31 March 2019 is exclusive to Woolworths only.

About the Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio

Fresh, seasonal ingredients – proudly sponsored by Woolworths – real nutrition and sustainable eating all come together with a dash of delicious as part of the Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio, where you can take part in fun and interactive cooking classes to help ignite a life-long love of healthy, appetising cooking. This teaching kitchen is located in Sandton, Johannesburg and is open to all members of the public. Find out more or book a HealthyFood Studio course here.



Discovery information

About Discovery

Discovery Limited is a South African-founded financial services organisation that operates in the healthcare, life assurance, short-term insurance, savings and investment and wellness markets. Since inception, Discovery has been guided by a clear core purpose – to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. This has manifested in its globally recognised Vitality Shared-Value insurance model, exported to over 19 countries and reaching over 11 million members. Discovery trades on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, with a market cap of $7 billion.

Follow us on Twitter @Discovery_SA


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