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Vitality members can earn thousands more Discovery Miles every week on a new personalised Vitality Active Rewards gameboard with new, richer rewards tiles.
Vitality members can earn thousands more Discovery Miles every week on a new personalised Vitality Active Rewards gameboard with new, richer rewards tiles.

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Vitality Active Rewards 3.0 is here! With new personalised gameboards and more rewards for Discovery clients

Johannesburg, 27 March 2023– Discovery Vitality has announced enhancements to Vitality Active Rewards; its popular digital platform which tracks members’ exercise, driving and spending; and rewards them for meeting weekly goals.

Vitality is Discovery’s behaviour‑change programme that combines the latest clinical science with rewards and incentives to help people make healthier choices. It leverages Vitality Active Rewards, a gamified physical activity platform which uses micro‑incentives and instant gratification to encourage positive behaviour. Launched in South Africa in 2015, Vitality Active Rewards has grown to over 725,000 registered users.

The platform allows members to earn a weekly play on a gameboard for achieving their Exercise, Drive or Spend goals. Each play on the gameboard reveals hidden rewards of varying values, paid in Discovery’s rewards currency, that’s more valuable than cash, Discovery Miles.

Discovery Vitality CEO Dinesh Govender says: “These rewards and incentives, when gamified, are a powerful way to help people exercise, drive better and manage their money well. Now, Vitality Active Rewards will be more personalised and more rewarding than ever before, giving members even more reasons to achieve their goals every week. It is simple. The more they exercise, the better they drive and the more responsibly they manage their finances, the more they get back. The enhancements are now live on the platform – upgraded safely and securely in the Discovery Bank app.”

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that members who had been on the Vitality Active Rewards programme for one year or longer more than doubled their physical activity (i.e.. from an average of 5 to 11 events a month) when compared with the same period before the launch of Vitality Active Rewards.

“We’ve now given members more choice. Every time they achieve a goal, they will also be able to choose between an instant reward – a coffee or a donation to MoveToGive (our philanthropic platform to use rewards for charitable causes like contributing to the Gift of the Givers) – or they can wait to play on our exciting new gameboard on Rewards Wednesday,” says Govender.

He adds: “Vitality Active Rewards has been brilliant in making people healthier and keeping them engaged. Our members consistently exercise more frequently and more vigorously the more they use the platform. This adds life years lived in good health. The incentives and rewards are key to this - the 2022 ecosystem consisted of 6.6 billion points earned, with 9 million goals achieved and 1m coffees and smoothies redeemed. Members are increasingly choosing to spend Discovery Miles earned on everything from necessities like electricity and cellphone airtime and data, to treats like luxury items, online shopping – and our popular travel rewards. “

New rewards that members can expect on their gameboards

Updates include:

  • The ability for members to earn their grocery, pharmacy and fuel spend back in Discovery Miles. Members can get up to 1,500 Discovery Miles back per tile, based on 1 Discovery Mile for every Rand spent on the largest transaction for the week
  • A Rewards Multiplier when members achieve specific Exercise goal streaks, starting from five consecutive goals, allowing them to double the Discovery Miles they reveal on the gameboard
  • Members can take a Rest Week following a 25‑week goal achievement streak, to rest and rejuvenate without breaking their goal streak
  • Sneak Peeks which momentarily reveal a chosen tile so members can try again for a richer reward if they wish to
  • Activity tiles for when members achieve Exercise, Drive or Spend goals, give the member the equivalent Discovery Miles for each Exercise, Drive or Spend point earned in the week
  • A Discovery Tile lets members earn Discovery Miles based on how many Discovery products they have.

The enhancements are live in the Discovery Bank app. “For members who don’t have a Discovery Bank account, we have created a zero-monthly-fee Ðiscovery Account so that members can enjoy their upgraded Vitality Active Rewards. Or they can activate a Discovery Bank transaction account, credit card or full banking suite for even bigger rewards. And for members who don’t download the Discovery Bank app, their existing Vitality Active Rewards experience will remain unchanged in the Discovery app,” Govender concludes.



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About Vitality

Vitality is the largest global platform for behaviour change, underpinning the insurance products of leading insurers worldwide, impacting 30 million lives in 40 markets. The Vitality model, established by Discovery Limited in South Africa, has been incentivising behaviour change amongst its clients for over 25 years. Vitality creates shared value by combining behavioural economics, clinical science, and financial incentives to encourage and reward members for taking steps to improve their health. The model began with a focus on health and wellness and has expanded to include short-term insurance, investments, and financial wellness.

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Zeenat Moorad

Zeenat Moorad

Press contact Senior Reputation Manager Banking | Vitality | Sponsorships
Sesona Ngqakamba

Sesona Ngqakamba

Press contact Reputation Management Consultant Banking | Vitality | Sponsorships