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The Vitality Group (US) Adds Almost 100 New Clients

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The Vitality Group (US) Adds Almost 100 New Clients

The Vitality Group, part of the world’s first and largest incentive-based wellness program, has added almost 100 new clients in the U.S. committed to improving the health and well-being of their employees in addition to their bottom line. Vitality member earn rewards for their efforts to live healthier lives through participation in a range of well-being programs and tools.

“Since we introduced wellness, we’ve seen a steady decline in our medical and prescription costs per covered employee,” said Lisa Sanders, Director, Compensation & Benefits, McCarthy Holdings Inc., a Vitality customer. “We were pleased to see that 93% of our people have done at least one program activity. One of the key reasons we selected Vitality is that the program isn’t stagnant and incorporates new technologies for verification and programs to drive engagement.”

Deena Denicola, Benefits Analyst III, Ericsson, also a Vitality customer noted, “We were looking for a fun program that would keep employees engaged and drive high participation, as well as one that was simple to use and easy to administer. They also offer a program that will be able to grow with us as our wellness program develops.”

New clients representing both private and public entities and industries ranging from grocers to health care firms from across the U.S. include:

-  Ericsson

-  McCarthy Holdings Inc.

-  Office Depot

-  Stillwater Mining

“We see our growth in part as a reflection of the finalized series of regulations to existing wellness programs under the Affordable Care Act (ACA),” said Alan Pollard, CEO of The Vitality Group. “The regulations go a long way to ensure well-designed workplace health programs, such as Vitality, continue to motivate people to adopt healthier behaviors and combat the rise of chronic disease. Employers are looking for robust wellness programs focused on verifiable and proven solutions.”

The Vitality wellness approach is built on clinical, behavioral and actuarial science applied for more than 15 years. Vitality provides employers proactive, consistent support with an effectively designed health promotion program that leads to better health outcomes, lower health care costs over the long term and, most importantly, a design that conforms to all requirements of the ACA regulations.



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